Boston Apps!

Aug 23, 2011

I’m originally from Boston but on a recent trip to Bean Town I forgot just how much the small city has to offer. Whether you’re a native or a tourist, these apps will help you find all the cool sites.

Boston Travel Guide

This is a well rounded app that gives you all the info you need for a trip to Boston. it gives suggestions for three and 5 day trips and all the necessary dining and getting around guides. A must have for anyone in or traveling to Boston.



As someone who grew up in Boston, i was mesmerized with the old maps, drawings and pictures of Boston. This won’t help you get around, but it’s a fun app if you’re from the area or a history buff.


Tour Boston’s Freedom Trail

Paul Revere’s famous historical horse ride route also happens to be a great trail to tour Boston. This app will walk you through all the points of interests on the trail and even offers an audio tour guide, images, and trivia.


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