Boo-dacious Halloween Apps 2010

Sep 25, 2010

Games, groans, ghouls and great photo effects for adults and kids.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Quite original. A lovely, richly detailed strategy game in which you play a spider who moves through a series of rooms figuring out the best ways to weave intricate webs based on the type of bugs you want to catch.


Goosebumps PhotoShock

Wonderful for young kids and tweens. Add masks, splotches, body parts, frames and more in the style of R.L. Stine’s popular series. I just wish they included arms and legs.


True Ghost Stories From Around the World

Great list of ghost stories from… well… around the world. My kids love reading these in bed at night with the lights out.


Zombie Me

Creepy photo effects app that lets you add blood, decaying parts and more to your photos. You can resize, rotate and move items. I hope they add a better selection of arms and clothes but the facial features are quite good. You can also adjust the tint in case you’re not quite dead enough looking for your liking.


Halloween Chicktionary

I loved this from the first moment the costumed chickens ran across the screen. It’s a word game with 300 levels and great sound effects. Shake the phone to rearrange the chickens (each holds a letter). Smart AND fun.



Powered by the uber ghoul party directory,, this app uses GPS to locate all of the ‘professional’ haunted houses and spook attractions near you. We have used the main site for years and this is a VERY welcome addition. It offers descriptions, links and even how many miles away each place is. Handy dandy horror finder.

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I SPY Spooky Mansion

From the classic series of Scholastic books. Richly detailed, great sound effects. Fun visual search games for all ages.


Scary Mirror

FREE. The app is simple and pretty much good for one thing- a one-off scare. But it’s free and that one scare on an unsuspecting person is good for quite a laugh. The app opens with a beautiful gilded frame. Tell someone it’s an image generator that will take a moment to load and have them watch the screen. If they aren’t in the Halloween mindset, the creature that suddenly appears and shrieks will send them airborne.


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