Board Games II

Jul 22, 2010

Another round of my favorites that didn’t fit on the first list.


Game that involves playing different bug tiles that move in distinct ways in order to block in your opponent. A pretty good time once you get the hang of it.



Fun game that is something like risk with hexagons. That’s a terrible description, but check it out anyways. No multiplayer though.



Apparently they’ve been playing chess like this for a while. Worth the price if you like standard chess.


Reiner Knizia’s High Society

Very different than Knizia’s other card game, money, but no less fun. Gameplay requires that one consider a variety of factors while outbidding opponents for high class goods. Sadly, no multiplayer on this one either.


Honey, That’s Mine!

This is worth checking out. I have a few complaints about the game, but overall it’s an okay use of your time.



Can’t argue with the price


Button Men

This game is really fun and im glad that they have it for the iPhone, because I would feel really nerdy owning dice with more than six sides. Surprisingly enjoyable.



I passed over this app several times before buying it based on the description. Don’t make the same mistake. Great for more than one person on the same device.


Reiner Knizia’s Medici HD

Among the best board games the iOS has to offer. The current version is really buggy though. I would imagine that will improve. Up to 6 people can play on the same device. Tremendously entertaining.

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Arkel – it’s Farkle

Great dice game that’s really satisfying when you get lucky.


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