Board Game Mania!

Dec 31, 2010

The holiday season always make me nostalgic for my childhood in pre-internet days and board games had no electronic parts! These board games apps do an amazing job of replicating the 3D version.

YAHTZEE™ Adventures

This takes the Yahtzee we all know and love and brings a tournament aspect to the game. If you choose adventure mode you learn to play different variations of the game that really add an exciting level to it!


Game of Life

Of all the games on this list this gets the best graphics kudos from me. You really feel like you’re moving around the board choosing careers and life choices. I also like that you can fast forward the computer players so you can get to your turn faster. I wish we could do this in real life!



This app brings to the phone UNO. It does a very good job of replicating the game in its entirety and there are no short cuts. Can be a bit slow waiting for the other players turn to pass, but a must have for UNO lovers!



This game is perfect for entertaining little ones in the car or if you want to tap into your own childhood. Replicates Connect 4 in a beautifully rendered app!


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