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Sep 6, 2016

Being a sports fan can be an exhausting endeavor. Regardless of the team you’re into, your love for the game is sure to take you on a rollercoaster ride of agony and ecstasy – just ask Cleveland fans about their recently-ended, 52-year drought. Finding the right apps to accompany you on an epic journey of fandom and deliver you all the highlights, inside scoops, in-depth articles and live scores you need to quench your sports information thirst can be a chore, but with Bleacher Report’s all-in-one Team Stream app, it’s as easy as an open-lane tomahawk dunk for LeBron James.

Bleacher Report Team Stream is without an iota of doubt the Swiss army knife of sports apps. For conclusive proof, just scan through the impressive assortment of major sports and top leagues it covers: NFL, MLB, NBA, US college sports, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, and the list goes on longer than the season ticket waiting list of the NFL’s most popular teams.

Team Stream’s all-encompassing versatility also manifests itself in the wide range of sources it gathers the mountains of relevant information from: Twitter, Vine, Instagram, in-house articles, and of course a variety of top-notch sports blogs and the biggest sports media outlets.

But the app’s most outstanding feature, which really solidifies Team Stream’s position as the number one sports app on the market, is its unparalleled customizability. In case adding the teams dearest to your heart to Team Stream’s home screen is not enough for you, the latest news from professional leagues worldwide, the most exciting stories covering a multitude of sports (with the selection ranging from action sports through golf all the way to Australian Rules Football), daily fantasy updates, transfer news, heaps of sports-related interests, UK sports news, US sports news, special events, and Bleacher Report’s own video channels and video specials are all at your service. With only a few taps, your very own, personalized sports den will be right there on your phone, waiting for you to take shelter from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get indulged in the sweet essence of fandom.

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In light of its peerless versatility, it is only natural that Team Stream allows you to follow live scores – providing in-detail descriptions of the unfolding events -, keeps you updated with schedules, standings and stats, and delivers news alert notifications for breaking stories so that you’ll be first to know when a big trade or a landscape-changing free agent signing goes down.

After singing all of Team Stream’s praises, let’s take a trip to the dark side and look at its few, though very much existing negatives. First and foremost, the design is nothing spectacular, to say the least. It embodies the triumph of function over flashiness, but the overuse of gray makes it a tad too bleak for our liking. Despite the home screen being almost top-to-bottom customizable, that almost leaves just enough room for Team Stream to bombard you with unwanted stories often unrelated to your interests – but we’re being really picky here, and that’s only a minor inconvenience at worst. What is more bugging is that Team Stream has a tendency to shove way too much Twitter and Instagram content in your face, which results in articles getting lost in the flood of tweets and meant-to-be-hilarious videos you’ll most definitely come across on Facebook anyway. We could dig up a cavalcade of unique malfunctions other users have reported to further prove that Team Stream is not perfect, but nothing is, and its positives easily outweigh its negatives, making it a slam dunk, a homerun, a touchdown and a goal all merged into one app.

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