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Dec 17, 2010

This week I stayed at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco and picked up the copy of Black Book Magazine. Turns out they had a couple of big lists of apps they like, and of course they have their own too! Here’s the list for iPhone, or at least the first part of it!

BlackBook City Guides

Might as well include the magazine’s city guides. Check this out as a free city guide, worth it for the traveller who doesn’t need or want to buy an app for a city.


Pair It! – Food and Wine Pairings

Search for great pairing options or shake the phone for random selections. Over 180 varietals from around the world so you’ve got lots of options.



Weird… you can turn your typed text into a picture. Fun to play with though I don’t know how useful it is.


Alternate Endings

Murder Mystery app that lets you change the ending. It’s a Choose Your Own Adventure style app and fun to play with.


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