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May 25, 2010

While I love to shop local there are times when that just doesn’t work. Either a local store doesn’t carry what I need or sometimes I just want to look at a larger product selection before ordering from the local supplier. These are the big store apps to use.


Many shopping apps are just a app version of a website. The Target app is more about making your store experience better while actually there. Scan a barcode and get item information and even location in the store. Find a Target, get daily deals and even get help finding that perfect gift. If you’re a frequent Target shopper you’ll want this app.



This app is the website, in app form. You can search for items and buy them all from the app. You can even have it shipped right to your door. And of course, like all store apps, it will help you find a Kmart close to you. If you don’t like physically shopping this app is great for you!


JCPenney Weekly Deals

Not as robust as most apps this primarily tells you what is in their weekly ad for the week. If you’re not someone who reads the paper this app can help you find deals you might otherwise have missed. Sadly it won’t allow you (currently) to redeem coupons directly from the phone. Hopefully all shops will pick up on that in the future as it’s hardly a failing of JC Penny alone.



Deals, shopping and events all in the same place. According to the app you can use the deals directly from your phone but I haven’t checked the reality of this yet. Again, if you’d prefer to shop from home (or bus, or work meeting) then this is the app for you.

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Better than going to the website on your phone this app has everything available online right at your fingertips via an app version. You can choose items, buy items, see the specs of items and even have things shipped to your door. You can check out current offers and of course find your local store. If you hate shopping but need something from Sears this may well be the way to get it!


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