Better than iPhone built in Applications

Jan 15, 2010

I’m an Computer architect and love bleeding edge technology of all kinds. Proud owner of my 3rd iPhone and moved from original to 3G to 3Gs and really need the 32GB and increased performance that the 3GS provides. It seems that the built in applications are getting long in the tooth and there are some very good replacements that will provide an even better experience.

Pocket Informant

Built in Calendar does not show graphically in the month view when during the day your meetings are and does not have any ToDo functionality. Pocket Informant synchronizes with Google and other ToDo sites for ease of use as well.


The Weather Channel – local forecasts, radar maps, storm tracking, and rain alerts –

Much better information on more locations including Sever Weather and other notifications. Has very nice graphical map with radar and other information that is not available from built in app


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

Synchronization with Wife’s lists and adds Picture and Voice memos. Honestly I go between Evernote and YouNote and just picked Evernote as has a little better synchronization capabilities.



Can take back to back pictures without waiting for processing and writing of the pictures. Can take pictures by touching anywhere on the screen and just generally better at taking pictures than the built in app



Far better and more detailed information, with news that is not available from Stock built in app


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