Best Virtual Pets for the iPhone

Dec 21, 2010

Many of my friends live in apartments that won’t allow pets (or rather their landlords aren’t as wonderfully understanding as mine is). Thinking how tragically lacking their lives must be without furry friends around I thought of these virtual pet apps! While it’s not quite the same as snuggling up with a real dog, these cyber pets are pretty cute too!

Touch Pets Dogs 2

This lets you adopt a dog and lists certain qualities you may want in your pet. You name it and then start your pet parenthood by petting it, feeding it, letting it out to play. By doing so you collect bones and coins that allow you to buy cool dog toys, sweaters, fancy toys and even let you decorate your house better. You can even adopt other dogs which makes things more fun. While it’s a pretty demanding game, it’s fun and it will show you how demanding their real dog counterparts are!


Touch Pets Cats

Essentially the same game as Touch Pets Dogs but for Cat Lovers.


Pet Puppy

In this virtual puppy game you choose what color pup and the name and then you venture out to a pretty park where you play and feed your pup. Less intuitive than the others, but will still satisfy your digital pet desires.


Pocket Frogs – Free pet farming

If dogs and cats don’t catch your fancy. This app will let you buy and breed frogs. Once you have frogs in your habitats you can take them out to the pond and feed them for maximum happiness as well as value. If you see a rare frog in the pond you can choose to breed it. The more rare combinations of frogs you collect, the more money and points you earn. A real time devourer!

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