Best tilt games for the iPhone

Jan 28, 2010

Buttons are for losers: these games make the best use of the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer.

Labyrinth 2

I am impressed by all the improvements from the original Labyrinth. Solid all around game that is perfect for the iPhone.


ROLANDO 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid

Comes off as a little too cute at times, but includes some great puzzles and – most importantly – it’s fun to play.


F is for Falling

Very basic app that is all about being a ‘pick up and play’ game. Limited gameplay, but I can see it being a very popular game.


Dark Nebula – Episode One

Not what I expected from the title, but I was pleasantly surprised. Early levels are a little too easy for my taste, but it gets real good around level 3.



I feel obliged to list a free game, and though the graphics are nothing to write home about this game is good for what it is. Just don’t expect too much.


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