Best Student Apps

Feb 12, 2011

The Iphone/Itouch is great or students because of what a wide variety of Apps it contains that help with so many different aspects of being a student.

Rate My Professors

An easy way to see what teachers are really like and who you think would be a good professor for you.


Schedule for Teacher and students

organizing homework lists has never been more simple. Being someone who loses papers constantly having all my homework in my pocket saves me a lot of time


SAT Vocab

For students who are studying for the SAT this App is a life saver when it comes to the Vocab section. I’ve learned countless words that I actually now use everyday.


Flash card Maker

Because I don’t like wasting note cards and also since I don’t like buying them this App is extra handy for making any kind of flashcard for any subject.


music alarm with gentle wake

A huge problem I have is waking up in the morning, especially to some annoying beeping so when I can wake up to some mellow tunes it really gives my day an easier start


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