Best SHopping Lists

Nov 14, 2011

Gearing up for the Holidays, these are the apps helping me find what I need for the people in my life.

Catalogue by TheFind – the award winning catalog shopping app

Simple, straight forward, and gets rid fo the clutter of all the catalogues around the house.



Gotta love some ridiculous sales. Got turned onto this a few years ago and my wallets never been the same since.


Hotel Tonight – Last-Minute Deals on Great Hotels

Ok, so it’s not TECHNICALLY shopping, but when you’re shopping for the best hotel after your plane got canceled during a blizzard in Denver this app makes it easy.


Daily for Craigslist Unlimited (Multi-Device Version) – Mobile Shopping & Classifieds

Because I sold my iPhone 3G in ten minutes on here. That’s capitalism people!


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