Best Recipes for Fall

Oct 8, 2010

Fall is my favorite season, and I love the apple cider, pumpkin bread, and other fall-themed foods and drinks that come with it.

Maud’s pumpkin recipes

This app gives you recipes for such pumpkin-related items as pumpkin and foie gras… Could be yummy?


Them Apples

I’m no apple expert, but this app will tell you which apple is best for different apple dishes (mmm… apple pie and apple cider and apple crumble and candy apples… YUM.)


The Food of Autumn -Seasonal Food Photo Library-

This app is full of pictures of fall foods. I’m not sure what good that’s going to do since there aren’t accompanying recipes, but I guess it will work if you’re on a diet…


Apple Recipes

After you spend a day picking apples at the orchard, you’ll need something to do with them, right? Use this app to come up with lots of delicious apple dishes!


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