Best Productivity Apps in 2010 for iPad

Dec 30, 2010

Of all the productivity apps I reviewed for Appolicious in 2010 for the iPad platform, these are my favorites


It made my “Best Utilities Apps of 2010” list and it makes it to the top of my productivity list as well, because Dropbox makes you so much more productive since your files are always accessible.


Docs To Go Free

“I’ve used the Documents to Go suite on many platforms- Palm, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and now iPad. It’s a decent converter and a good way to open and view and save Office documents. It just doesn’t work that well with the iPad’s email system, so that is one of the drawbacks of this edition.

It will be real interesting to see what happens to this app, on all platforms since RIM bought the company this week. Maybe it will be licensed out to the other platforms. Maybe the other platforms will come up with something comparable, or better. Time will tell. It could use an updated name though.”


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

It’s just the best note taking, information gathering app


iMockups for iPad

“Nice touches on wireframes, pretty decent options. Should get better with updates, and hopefully more options over time.”


iTranslate – Global Language Translator with Voice

“If iTranslate translates text in the right structural context, then it is an amazing app. Still, it’s neat to watch it translate as you type. Cut and paste in and out of it. I tried a few of my blog posts in it. Supports lots of languages.

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To je neverjetna app, če je vzrok za pisanje strukturnega konteksta!”


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