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Jan 6, 2011

I’m currently in an MFA Poetry program and guess what? I write poems. In all honesty, I would probably never write using my iPhone 4, but I do know a few poets that compose full (but short) poems in their Blackberrys if they are giving a reading. Hooray for spontaneousness. Either way, here are my top 5 Poetry Apps for the iPhone/iPad.

POETRY from The Poetry Foundation

This app uses content from Poetry Magazine’s archive, which is based in Chicago, and organizes the poems by subject, mood, author, etc. You can share poems with friends/family and star others to read later. Definitely the cream of the crop from one of the most long-standing poetry publications in the world.


Poem Flow

A new poem every day with a pretty solid mix of classic and contemporary works. A current professor (David Trinidad) of mine was featured on this app, developed by


Poetry Daily

This app focuses exclusively on contemporary, living poets. It’s not as cool as the website Verse Daily, but it’s the best available.


Poet’s Pad™

I can really only see this app working on an iPad. It comes with several useful features/functions, like a rhyming dictionary (for slant rhymes, I swear!) and a stanza by stanza writing format.


iPhrase – Magnetic Poetry

I added this one for fun. If you’re into coming up with ridiculous lines, this app’s for you.


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