Best Personal assistant apps

Apr 8, 2011

anyone who has too much work to handle by themselves, should really have a personal assistant. If that’s not an option for some reason, then these apps will help reduce the amount of work on your plate and thus your stress level

Pageonce Pro – Money & Bills

This app does so much, an costs so little in comparison that you’ll be dumbfounded when you no longer have to waste numerous hours on constantly keeping track of your bills and payments, your mobile minutes and much more


iShopaholic – Your Personal Shopping Assistant

This app helps you save time by showing you where nearby malls and outlets are, as well as giving you coupons for instant savings wherever you are


StickyDoo™ with iAssist & Sync+ : Intelligent Life Organizer

For anyone with tons of stuff on their plate at all times, this app will get you more organized than seems possible


Siri Assistant

With this app you won’t even have to waste time looking up a question that you have because it responds to your voice and brings up the most relative information on your question


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