Best of Ninja Games 2011

Oct 23, 2011

If you love Ninjas or you wish you could be a ninja like I do, then these games are for you. Enjoy!


Ever since Paper Toss, I’ve been a big fan of BackFlip Studios. NinJump is another success. It’s simple and interesting with cool music. Scale from wall to wall avoiding enemies and obstacles. Fun!


Urban Ninja

Help the ninja navigate the cityscape and make it to safety in the helicopter. Fun!


Ninja Guy Free

Awesome Graphics! I love the commentary and the music. Although the controls can be difficult to get used to, once you have mastered them, this game is a ton of fun. Recommend!


FireWorks Ninja

Slice the fireworks before they explode onto the nice Hollywood Hills home. Fun! Love the music.


Paper Ninja Shadow

I love the music and the mysterious atmosphere of this action packed game. The mentor character is awesome. Recommend!


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