Best of Education Apps 2010

Dec 28, 2010

You can learn anything with the iphone. Check out these apps to get started.


NASA is too cool! This app has the launch schedule, missions, videos, and images. There is so much information, I don’t know how I’ll keep up. It’s so interesting, I wish that I had access to NASA info sooner, as in years and years ago! I think we would have more scientists today, if as kids this info was available. Awesome!


This app is a must have if you’re around kids as a teacher, parent, or sitter and you don’t know what to do with them. The activities are awesome and the instructions are so clear, kids who can read can do it by themselves. Good for all ages! My favorite was the three-dimensional paper picture! Actually, you don’t even need kids, some of these activities are so fun and simple, you might want to try them in secret!


Skeletal System (Head and Neck)

3d Views of the skeletal system and neck. This app has excellent and detailed descriptions and very useful quizzes. For a free app, I’m impressed!



Constellations? This is a very simple app that does what it promises. It gives you a beautiful and easy to navigate map of the evening sky.


TED has changed my life. If you haven’t discovered this site yet, get ready for a treat! Talks and presentations on a variety of subjects from the world’s leaders and innovators. What could be better?

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Body Systems – Anatomy Quiz (Free)

I love anatomy apps and this is another great one! The quizzes and 3D images are very helpful! Maybe I should’ve been a doctor?


Brain & Nerves FREE: Human Nervous System Anatomy and Physiology Facts Edition

This app has a ton of definitions and conditions that have to do with the Brain and Nerves. I probably won’t keep it on my phone, but it was worth the download.


Brain Tutor 3D

I’m really impressed with this App. It’s a very good intro to the brain with a brief explanation and the ability to rotate the brain in 3D. I know many medical apps are more advanced with better bells and whistles, but sometimes simple and to the point is preferable. This is a good beginner app.


Lungs & Breathing: Lung Disorders, Asthma, Cancer, Asbestos Awareness Encyclopedia FREE!

This app is a series of definitions of conditions that can affect your lungs and breathing. Very informative!


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