Best of Dork Apps 2011

Jan 1, 2012

Are you a dork? Do you love apps? Check out this list!

World Clock Gold–Time Zones

Have friends overseas? Never know when to call? Just install this handy app!


OnThisDay in history

On this Day in History in 1959 the state council of the People’s Republic of China dissolved the government of Tibet. This app also includes births, deaths, and an extensive time line. Fun!



Go ahead! Try it! Enter any equation or formula you can think of. Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Engineering, Astronomy. This app is absolute genius!


Mensa IQ-(test your IQ)

How easily do you detect patterns both in numbers and shapes? Check it out!


Popular Science Tech Buyer’s Guide

For the dork in all of us! All the latest and greatest news from Popular Science. What could be better? The gear tab is super cool because it has all of the latest and most useful gadgets. Did you know that there is a vibration powered AA battery that charges up when you shake it? Other categories include, DIY and Green. Enjoy!


Of Essay Writing

Who doesn’t want David Hume on their iphone? It certainly will make you seem smart on dates! And it may help you in school! Actually, unless you are a huge philosophy buff, or a philosophy major, or not a SUPER GEEK like me; you probably won’t find it too interesting.


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