Best of Dork Apps 2010

Dec 30, 2010

If you don’t have these apps, then I’m sorry; you can’t join the Dork club.


While I’m not anywhere close to being retired, (let’s hope it comes sooner rather than later) this app has a ton of interesting information. Some articles I found included: Ten Things to Know about Wills, How Sex Changes for Men After 50, 8 Surprising Truths about Pet Safety, and Romancing on a Budget. AARP is an excellent news source for all ages!


Amazing Human Calculator FREE

This app tells you how many breaths you’ve taken, how many hours you’ve dreamt, how much water you’ve consumed . . . Of course, it must be on average because I drink A LOT of water. Just type in your birthday and the time of your birth. It’s really amazing!



I have to admit, I’m a sucker for fact apps! Random info of any kind in short spurts makes me happy! Did you know that both humans and cats have identical regions in the brain responsible for emotion? Well, now you do!


Popular Science Tech Buyer’s Guide

For the dork in all of us! All the latest and greatest news from Popular Science. What could be better? The gear tab is super cool because it has all of the latest and most useful gadgets. Did you know that there is a vibration powered AA battery that charges up when you shake it? Other categories include, DIY and Green. Enjoy!


Lightsaber Unleashed

Lightsaber! When I was a kid, we used to have sword fights. If only we had i-phones, many fingers and hands would have been saved. Also, the sound effects would have made it more realistic. I know that because I’ve been playing Light-saber with friends lately and it’s a lot more fun.


Bravo Gustavo

Conduct just like Gustavo Dudamel with Bravo Gustavo. Choose a movement and set the tempo by tapping or conducting with your iphone. In addition, the images and sound quality are superb. I highly recommend this app, but I do wish that I could hear a few of the movements all of the way through without having to set the tempo. Then, there would be an example to follow. Also, be careful not to let go of your phone when you’re swinging it around.


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