Best of Doodle Apps

Apr 2, 2011

If you like doodle apps, check these out!

Doodle Cannon 2G: The world of chaos

Shoot at the skulls with your cannon. Overcome obstacles and barriers. Fun!


Doodle Army Boot Camp

A really well done action packed battle game with a fun narrative. I love the graphics! Just a warning, this game is not really for kids. There is a lot of blood and the objective is to complete the course and kill the enemy while collecting purple hearts.


Epic Dive Lite

Avoid the anvils and maintain speed! Try to land safely!


Doodle Pool

This app is a must have for pool lovers. You can play U.S. eight ball, nine ball, or U.K. eight ball. One player or two! The avatars are also fun!


Doodle Truck Free

Try not to drop the load as you drive the truck through the course. Fun!


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