Best of Arcade Games 2011

Oct 22, 2011

Don’t let these awesome classics pass you by! Good for all ages!

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior

Looooooooove this game! Awesome graphics, excellent music! Who doesn’t want to fight like Bruce Lee?


Atomic Ball Lite

Atomic Ball Lite is a very intense version of pong or tennis against the computer. The difference is that the paddle is situated at the bottom of the screen and you have to crack open everything at the top of the screen. Sometimes you earn gifts as the atomic ball bounces faster and faster. Sometimes there are two balls all of a sudden and your paddle grows wider. I love the music. This is an excellent idea for a game and it’s fun to play. Recommend! I’m sure the pro version is even more difficult.


Flip Cup Free

Play for time or for points. This is a very fun and basic game that requires a delicate flip of the finger to be successful. Just flip the cup over. Simple, but not easy! I love the music!


Sheep On The Run – SOTR

Tap all of the white sheep as they run up the screen. Good luck!


Horse Frenzy

A classic horse race game. Pitch the ball into the holes to race the other horses. The more accurate you are, the faster your horse will go. Good Luck.


Zenga Zenga

This is the most hilarious app I have come across this year. Muammar Gaddafi’s face pops in and out of different windows in an apartment building and you have to tap his face. The more you tap, the more you win and the music is super awesome.


Feed the Walrus

Help the Walrus catch all of the food thrown by the penguins. Fun!


Turbo Duck

Using the accelerometer in your phone, help the duck to collect as many flags as possible. Great for Kids. Fun!


Racing Penguin, Flying Free – by Top Free Games

Use momentum to sail over icebergs and escape the grip of the polar bear. Fun!


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