Best of Apps that WOWME 2011

Dec 2, 2011

These were the apps that wowed me in 2011.


Ask any question you want to a bunch of geniuses. What could be better? Highly Recommend!


Sign 4 Me – A Signed English Translator

This app is an absolute must-have if you want to learn sign language or are taking a sign language class. Just type in a word or a phrase and the virtual character signs it for you. Also, you are able to rotate the virtual character, so that you can see his/her hands clearly. This app is definitely worth ten bucks. Awesome for iPad and iPhone. Enjoy!


Ethical Bean Coffee

Although I haven’t seen this brand of coffee in stores yet, this app is super neat. Simply, it tells you the journey of the coffee bean; where it came from, when it is harvested, the type of roast and cupping notes. This app is truly a delight for the fair trade coffee connoisseur and you can purchase coffee via the app. WOW!



This app is a step by step guide to CPR. It helps you time and measure the depth of your compressions and instructs you when to give two breaths. It also gives you the option to purchase a short CPR training course and allows you to configure emergency calls. It will even record the CPR you have performed and email the recorded data. I couldn’t be more impressed. Highly Recommend!


Dragon Dictation

Although I love this app and it is getting more and more accurate, it’s still not perfect. It’s good for short notes that you want to transcribe into text, but after that the speech recognition gets a little odd.

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no Glasses Lite

This app turns you phone into a pair of reading glasses. Use it just like a magnifying glass. Settings are 1x-4x and then 8x. This is an awesome tool to have on hand. Highly Recommend!



Repel mosquitos with high frequency sounds they do not like, no more lighting gross scents. I’m pretty sure it works. Enjoy!


IntoNow from Yahoo

This app is too cool to be true! I’m sure this technology must have other uses that will catch on soon. In brief, it takes sound and identifies it. For example, your favorite song or TV show. Wow!


Google Translate

The speech recognition feature is very, very impressive. Choose the language you speak and speak what you want it to translate. The translated text appears on the screen. Almost every language is included. My only wish is that my iphone would pronounce this new phrase, so that I could say it correctly. Either this feature is not included, or I can’t find it? Seems odd. Any suggestions? Of course you can also type in the text, but that’s just not as fun! WOW


Under My Feet

This app is sooooooooooooooo cool. That’s right “under my feet” because the earth is round. From where I am, Argentina is under my feet and Hong Kong is above my feet. I think that’s how it works? Otherwise I’m not sure what AMF and UMF stand for. Highly Recommend!

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