Best of Apps for Video 2011

Nov 24, 2011

Check it out! The breakthroughs this year in video were amazing. Stream HD right from your phone. Awesome!

iVideoCamera – record video with effects on any phone (2G, 3G, 3GS)

This video camera is awesome (love the auto focus) especially if you still have 3GS. Recommend!


Original LS

This app is a part of the fuel for all of the #Occupy movements around the world. Yes, it’s slow at first, but once it loads, you can watch anyone streaming from anywhere in the world. Now, that’s cool! Enjoy!



Stream, watch and interact. This is a great tool for #Occupiers around the world and an excellent resource for compiling citizen news footage. Recommend!


Qik Video Camera Pro

This app is a must have if you use Qik a lot. Switch on and off from live mode and easily share your video across social networks. Also, you can choose many different color settings. My favorite feature is audio boost!


Video Uploader (Facebook, YouTube, Blogspot)

Fear not! There is an app that uploads all of your videos to FB, YT, and Blogspot. What could be better?


Flixlab – Movies and Slideshows

Awesome for making movies, editiing them and then uploading to your platform of choice. Recommend.


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