Best of Apps for People who were kids in the 80’s and 90’s

Oct 28, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhh! The bitter sweet taste of nostalgia. Enjoy!

Family Feud® & Friends

This app is just like watching the game show on T.V. and playing along, except that you have to type your answers. I loooooove it. Be careful, it’s addictive. My only complaint is that at first it takes awhile to load. Otherwise, it’s awesome!


PAC-MAN for iPad

The Ipad really brings this game to life. You can choose to play with or without the joystick. Without the joystick, your fingers will get very tired. Although I love classic games, I find it really difficult to play them without the tactile sense of an actual button. It’s hard to get used to not having the feel of a button and it effects my ability to react. I know that I would probably score higher if the Ipad had actual buttons, but that’s besides the point and I’m not a sore loser. Kids won’t have to make that transition because this is the world they are used to. That’s what’s most interesting to me and that’s food for thought. The only con is finger sweatiness, which can also happen with traditional controllers, but not as much. Gosh, I wish they could do something about that.


Atari’s Greatest Hits

It should be noted that this app only comes free with Missile Command, however you can purchase only the games you want for a nominal fee or all of the games for 14.99. You have the option of playing arcade style, or yes with the infamous joystick. Recommend!

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FREE Trivia – Star Wars edition

For the hardcore Star Wars fan, this app is awesome. I consider myself a lite fan and I don’t know most of the answers on the quizzes. For example: 1. The Phantom Menace. Jar. Jar is a Gungan True or False Personally, I have no idea. But if you love Star Wars, the this may be the best app for you!


Zombie Duck Hunt

These ducks are not easy to shoot and don’t forget to load the chamber. Love the music. Recommend!


Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash

I looooooove this app. I love it just for the theme song, but it’s also very fun to play. It’s modeled after the cartoon and just as quirky.


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