Best of Apps for Parents and TEENS 2011

Oct 23, 2011

It’s not easy being a parent. It’s not easy being a teen. Use these apps as a common ground to encourage safe behavior and healthy independent thinking.

Jr. Animated Atlas Complete (All 6 Topics)

Awesome 3D Models of the nervous system, respiratory system and reproductive system. The descriptions are precise and concise. Highly Recommend!



This app is a step by step guide to CPR. It helps you time and measure the depth of your compressions and instructs you when to give two breaths. It also gives you the option to purchase a short CPR training course and allows you to configure emergency calls. It will even record the CPR you have performed and email the recorded data. I couldn’t be more impressed. Highly Recommend!


Tea Culture

An excellent introduction into Chinese tea culture. Did you know that tea can be divided into five groups, the black tea, the green tea, the oolong tea, the jasmine tea, and the compressed tea? Learn the preparations and benefits of each. Highly Recommend!


The Genuine Scooter Company

I don’t know about you, but I live in Los Angeles and have been thinking about getting a scooter lately. This app makes the idea of having a scooter very appealing. The designs are sleek and the music makes me feel like I am in Italy.



A very cool, simple, well designed meditation timer. Recommend!


Emotional Intelligence

Just take this short quiz and see what you need to sort out! Recommend!


Citizenship U.S.A.

This app is an awesome study tool for the Civics/Naturalization test. Great practice questions. Highly Recommend! Topics include: Principles of American Democracy, System of Government, Rights and Responsibilities, Colonial Period Independence, 1800s, Recent American History and Other Important Historical Information, Geography, Symbols and Holidays.

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Teen Hotlines

This app has hotline numbers for Depression, School Violence, Eating Disorders and a host of many other difficulties teens face today. Recommend!


Urban Dictionary by Slango FREE

This app is helpful for parents and educators who just can’t figure out some of the meanings behind the slang that kids use. Just type in the word in question and you will be in the know! Recommend! Great for anyone dealing with preteens and teens who is over the age of twenty.



Answer 29 questions to assess possible mood disorders. Recommend!


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