Best of Apps for keeping in Touch 2010

Dec 30, 2010

I’ve weeded through tons of them and these are the best!

Skype for iPhone

Awesome for chatting or video conferencing with international friends. Actually, it also has a telephone book (yellow pages) directory of almost every city in the world. And they are always coming out with new features. neat!


Qik Video Camera Pro

This app is a must have if you use Qik a lot. Switch on and off from live mode and easily share your video across social networks. Also, you can choose many different color settings. My favorite feature is audio boost!



This is a really neat app that allows you to use a template, create a greeting card, and then send it via facebook, email, MMS, or customized text. They have cards for almost every occasion, but I couldn’t find any Christmass greetings. Hmmmm.



Forget SMS, it’s time for “chatting” from your iphone. Instant gratification! I really like this app because it’s simple and easy to use. It turns what would be an SMS exchange into an online chat. And yes, in order for it to work, the other person also has to have KIK. It’s awesome and I highly recommend it if you have friends living abroad!



Who can live without Facebook these days? Everyone I know is on there from my grandma to college professors, and my grammar school friends! I love reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years and years! In my opinion, that’s the best feature of this app. I could care less that Jack commented on Janes status. Then again, I’m not complaining. It’s free, but I don’t think it’s a completely philanthropic endeavor either. Slowly but surely, Facebook is pushing to be able to sell user information to advertisers and much, much, more. Privacy issues, here we come!

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Wet at Drai’s W Hollywood
Adam just checked-in @ Wet at Drai’s W Hollywood

I like apps like these mostly because they also post to Facebook. Here is my friends Adam’s facebook status (I think he uses FourSquare) What’s great about this is that I don’t know Drai’s at all and it’s close to my house. Adam always posts the coolest places. He uses Yelp, Foursquare, and Gowalla.
While I like Gowalla, I think the main purpose of an app like this is to integrate with Facebook and possibly Yelp (so you can read reviews) The other functionality this app offers seems unnecessary, though I do like the passport feature. Maybe they could make it more international so that I could post my favorite places in Barcelona to Facebook. It doesn’t always have to be in real-time. It just has to be useful. Although, I do wish I was in Barcelona right now!


tvtag – formerly GetGlue

I like the idea that I can “check in” with this app and it will give me a prize or stickers as well as good recommendations for other media I might like. Also, it works with Twitter and Facebook. It is also easy to interact with other users. It’s kind of like making friends via Amazon recommendations and then communicating with them via the Facebook wall or Twitter feed. My only question is, what exactly are they planning to do with all of our information?

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DailyBooth allows you to post pictures and captions via your phone. If you don’t know what DailyBooth is, it’s a website that works similarly to twitter, but displays your pics and captions in real-time on the site. My favorite feature is the map! Check it out!


iMailG for Gmail with PUSH & Touch ID protected privacy

Ahhhhhhhh finally, easy access to all of the features of Gmail on my iphone. What could be better?


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