Best of Anatomy 2011

Nov 6, 2011

If you usually like my picks, check out these apps.

Anatomy of the Mouth

So, what do you know about the alveolar ridge? What happens if it doesn’t fuse. This is an awesome app that will prepare you for any quiz that has to do with the anatomy of the mouth.



Do you realize that within less than an inch of space all of your breathing and swallowing take place. I love this app because it makes me feel like a surgeon. Make your way down the 3d phary. Enjoy!


3D Brain

An awesome aid, especially if you are just beginning to learn about the brain. This app includes 3D rotation for full perspective, all of the major areas of the brain and their functions. Highly Recommend!


Jr. Animated Atlas Complete (All 6 Topics)

Awesome 3D Models of the nervous system, respiratory system and reproductive system. The descriptions are precise and concise. Highly Recommend!


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