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Dec 29, 2010

I review apps for my podcast AppADay ( and these are apps I consider my favorites from this year.

QRANK Trivia – New Questions Each Day

I play this game almost everyday since I discovered it in July. The trivia questions come from current events and I love the little factoids they give after you’ve answered the question.


tvtag – formerly GetGlue

You can rate media such a books, movies, music, TV shows as well as check in to the shows or movies you are watching. You see how many other people are checked into the same shows you are watching. Plus you can earn stickers for different shows.


Skyfire Web Browser – Your Path to Flash Video on iPhone

This browser lets you view Flash video on the Internet. It doesn’t support Flash audio players or Flash animation. For most of what I’ve looked at on my iPhone 4 the app has worked flawlessly. Some websites are not supported so it’s kind of hit or miss, but mostly for me it has been a hit.



This is a really fun game of finding hidden pictures. The art is really well done. You find pictures by category (for example find 4 pictures of items you find in a kitchen) as you move along an adventure.


MotionX GPS Drive

For only $0.99 you can’t beat this app. Voice turn by turn is $2.99 a month or about $20-25 a year. It’s using 3G to draw maps as you drive so the maps are not stored on the device. It did great on my trip to Dallas. You can play your music or podcasts or audiobooks in the background and it will pause to give voice directions. You could even use it to mark your position when parking your car to find it later.

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Netflix came out for the iPhone this year so that you can watch movies or TV shows right on the iPhone.



This is a cool social network for sharing pictures. They have a lot of really neat filters for your images and it will also send your pictures to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, and Foursquare. You can also follow people and see the pictures that they share.


Runtastic PRO GPS Running, Jogging and Fitness Tracker

I love using this app for walking. It gives me my pace, time, how far I’ve walked and the coolest part is that it draws a map of exactly where I walked.



I’ve really gotten into reading The Walking Dead this year and this app has that comic plus many others. The interface for going to exactly where you want to read works perfectly for the iPhone. I’ve never read comics before I got this app.


Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere!

This is an awesome app for streaming videos of any codec or file format from your computer to your iPhone. It will convert on the fly and show the video.


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