Best Music Apps

Feb 12, 2011

I love music, listening, playing and producing it, so this list is my favorite music Apps

Guitar Tuner

This App is a handy tool to have when your guitar is horribly out of tune. The speaker on the Itouch is loud enough that I can match notes perfectly without having to strum softly.


Pandora – Free Music & Radio

This is the greatest App for hearing new music because it creates playlists for the type of music you prefer and you can skip around from stations you created so you can listen to whatever you’re in the mood for


Drum Kit Pro

For anyone who likes to jam out on the drums this App is amazingly fun and entertaining. With a full Drum Kit set up you can make full beats using just your fingers


Rhapsody for iOS 4

Being able to download songs off of Itunes through the Itouch is great but being able to use Rhapsody without having to download them to your Ipod is truly fantastic


Tap Studio PRO

The worst thing about all the different tap tap games is that most cost and if you want to play good songs you have to purchase them one by one. With tap studio pro you can play your favorite songs just as long as someone created a loop for it, and about 95% of the time they have


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