Best Meditation Apps 2010

Nov 23, 2010

Out of all the mind centering apps available. (And there are many) Here are the ones, I highly recommend to keep your mind sharp and relaxed!

Pocket Zen

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.”-Thich Nhat Hanh

Need I say more?


Tao Way of Life – Free

Beautiful landscapes and insightful meditations! -Love is concession. You have to be able to give the most precious thing of yours to others.- Highly Recommend!



Improve your sleeping habits! Learn to use your breath to relax! Just follow the instructions and become a master of Biofeedback!


Think Positive Affirmations Lite

“All of my thoughts are about peace, love, and joy! I am untouchable! You are untouchable! We are untouchable! ” Get lost in this meditation accompanied by sounds of the ocean and music. Just press play!


Michael J. Emery – NLP, Hypnosis, Self Help

This guy is weird. My favorite feature of this app is when he explains what hypnosis is and tells you the history of it. Other than that, I don’t think I’m hooked on him as my suggestive self-help guru. Also, the soundtrack to this app is really trippy, if you’re into that. This app is worth the download (for the experience of the soundtrack alone) but I probably won’t keep it on my phone.


Health through Breath – Pranayama Lite

This is one of my favorite apps of all time. The simplest idea, yet so very brilliant. Practice your Pranayama meditation with an inhale, hold, exhale guide. Decide how many breaths you want per minute, the type of music, and the duration of your practice! Too Awesome and it’s fabulous if you are having trouble sleeping or relaxing.


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