Best iPhone Apps for India Travel

Aug 26, 2011

Found a great article on with a list of apps for India travelers.

Lingolook INDIA

Learn basic words and phrases with these flashcards and over 300 audio translation. No Internet required.


The Curry and Indian Food Bible

Learn about the cuisine of India as you travel – this app contains information 200+ different kinds of Curry and Indian cuisine. You’ll learn: the English pronunciation, Indian name, description of what you’re eating, and a photo.


India Clock

What a pretty clock! This app turns your iPhone into a full-screen digital clock and displays time in the gorgeous Devanagari digits in traditional Indian language/writing.


Packing (+TO DO!)

Create packing lists and organize your luggage contents. Keep track of number of items packed or to be purchased. Add details about items like taking inventory – descriptions, weight, value, etc. Nat Geo says this is one of the Top 20 apps for traveling – period.


India Travel Guide

Check out popular tourist spots in India and learn about the locations you visit.


Converter Touch Free ~ Fastest Unit and Currency Converter

Awesome way to help convert kilometers into miles, Rupees into Dollars, or Celsius into Fahrenheit. Save favorites for faster conversions.


India Panchang Calendar 2011

Stay on top of Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian and civil festivals within the year based on the Panchang – an old calendar system that is both spiritual and scientific and is based on the positions of the solar system (including planets, sun, moon).

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Complete turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation software that helps you navigate India’s crazy crowded markets, alleys, crossings, etc. A little pricy at $20, but can you really put a price on not getting lost in a foreign country?


Indian Trains

Great app for checking running train status, seat availability and PNR status for any train in India.


Crazy Rickshaw

Great time-killer racing game that puts you behind the wheel of the rickshaw, one of India’s most iconic modes of transportation. Drive opposite traffic, dodge obstacles like animals and other vehicles.


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