Best iPhone apps for a roadtrip

Jun 9, 2010

I’ve been on a roadtrip or two in my day. Luckily I’ve never been the one driving (silly manual transmissions!) but I always appreciate a good, entertaining app for those times when I’m not covered in a blanket and watching True Blood on my laptop. (Yes, I’ve actually done this. I got through all of Season 1!) So here are some apps to keep you, the driver and all other passengers entertained.

Feather Report

First up: weather and packing. If you’re going to drive across the country, you’ll experience different climates. This app will help you pick the appropriate wardrobe to pack based on the weather report.


FindPlate Car Game

Who hasn’t played the License Plate Game? This app lets you keep track of all the different states you come across on your trip!


Karaoke Anywhere

Forget trying to find the popular radio station in every town you go through — turn on some karaoke! With this app, you can download the songs you want to sing and have your own concert inside your car.


AAA TripTik Mobile

Don’t even travel without AAA’s TripTik mobile app. It’s chock full of AAA approved hotels, restaurants, and attractions for your trip. It also uses your location in case you ever need Roadside Assistance.


Air Horn

Let’s imagine it’s late at night and you’re driving. It’s almost time for you copilot to take the wheel, but they’re fast asleep next to you. Sure, you could wake them up gently, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, give them a warm wake up call with the sound of an air horn in their ear!


Roadside America

This app description says it all: Never miss a giant twine ball, crazy museum or statue again!

Use this app to make sure to make the most of your roadtrip and catch all of the bizarre attractions our country has to offer.

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