Best iPad Audio Recording Apps (Jan 2013)

Jan 12, 2013

This is a list of great apps for audio recording on the iPad. Hat tip to Joe Dale @joedale for many of these!


Great for ‘narrated art’ projects, free, record up to 3 minutes & attach audio to an image, direct upload to a hosted channel


Recorder & Editor ~ iSaidWhat?! ~ Share audio to Twitter, Facebook, WiFi, Email, etc.

Superb for editing audio on the iPad & sharing to free hosting sites like DropBox, $3 US


Recorder Plus HD: voice record, audio memo, sound editor

Free, unlimited audio length, non-destructive editing


Rec Pad

Great for podcasting from a prepared script, $1 US


bossjock studio

Superb for audio podcasting on the go, $10 US


Mobile Podcaster – Record and Publish Your Podcast to WordPress, Libsyn and Dropbox

Directly publishes podcast audio to a WordPress blog, $3 US


SoundCloud – Music & Audio

Free, similar to AudioBoo as a free hosted audio recording solution, but the site permits timestamped commenting


Hokusai Audio Editor

Free, supports multi-track audio editing, not super stable however and also a bit tricky with editing


iTalk Recorder

Free, high quality WAV recording, free app for wifi transfer to laptop


iRig Recorder FREE

Free, supports exporting via wifi, ftp & Soundcloud as well as iTunes/email


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