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Oct 1, 2017

As a personal device that can be carried anywhere, the iPhone has been used as one of the main portable entertainment systems that far surpass the availability of dedicated video players or gaming devices. With so many apps available in the entertainment category, it can be difficult to identify the best ones for a range of purposes from watching videos to playing games. To fully utilize the device in terms of entertainment, this article discusses the best apps that are available to provide an endless amount of highly entertaining activities.

For Watching Videos: Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming sources that lets users watch a variety of content on demand. Although the service itself is paid, accounts can be shared among others to save on the costs. Offering a diverse range of videos from television shows to movies, there is something of interest for anyone from nearly every category. Even if users do not know what they want to watch immediately, starting out with what interests then can generate recommendations that are tailored to the individual viewer. Netflix is extremely easy to use and can provide nearly unlimited entertainment for its users with content that is uploaded on a regular basis. What makes Netflix different from other video streaming services is that it offers exclusive content that is first provided only on Netflix. For example, House of Cards is an extremely popular series but is a Netflix exclusive. This kind of content is constantly expanding to include more series. For those who are interested in video entertainment, Netflix is a great tool that offers a 1 month free trial for new users.

For Coloring: Colorfy: Coloring Book

A surprising way to pass the time that has recently become popular is coloring. Although commonly assumed to be a pastime for children, it has now become common among adults who look to find an activity that is simple and relaxing to bring them peace of mind. Without the need to purchase coloring pencils or coloring books, the templates that are found in Colorfy offer hundreds of thousands of different designs that range in terms of intricacy and detail. Through the app, users can engage in the coloring process no matter where they are without having to have a table. Furthermore, the interface of Colorfy is highly intuitive despite being on a small device with limited screen size where the pencils are replaced with fingers. For this reason, users are able to zoom in on various spots around the template to make the coloring process easier and more accurate. With so many different designs that are available, coloring can be made into a highly entertaining pastime for adults and children alike that does not get boring but instead deviates from the high intensity work life. Furthermore, Colorfy allows users to join a community of other users who can then share their artwork or browse at the creation of others.

Colorfy – Awesome Drawings – IOS & Android [English]

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For Virtual Reality: Google Cardboard

A very hot topic in the realm of mobile apps is augmented and virtual reality which introduces a new element to the traditional 2D experience. Although a headset is required to engage with the virtual reality apps, they can be cheaply purchased online. With the combination of this app along with the glasses, users can do a variety of different activities that are highly entertaining. For example, 3D videos can be watched through the app as well as virtual reality experiences where users are able to turn around and explore the surrounding environment. With additional accessories such as a joystick or controller, users are then able to move around to play highly interactive games. As one of the best apps that leverage virtual reality, Google Cardboard makes this realm accessible to any iPhone. Given the increasing number of videos and games that are available through the app, it is a must-have for those who want to turn their phone into a virtual reality device for entertainment.

Content Based Browsing: Reddit: Trending News & Tips

One of the largest online communities for nearly any topic is Reddit. Well known to many, Reddit lets its users browse a range of user generated content that spans nearly any category possible. With the ability to network, learn, or simply keep entertained, the app is based off of the website that recognizes itself as the “front page of the internet”. Through the app, readers can look at the threads that have been made by others, contribute to the existing topics, or create their own threads where others can have a discussion. Although the platform is simple in nature, the vastness of available content is what draws in millions of users daily, making it one of the most entertaining apps available. As there is so much content, Reddit makes it easy to customize the homepage so that the most relevant content is readily available as soon as the app is opened. With the entertainment value of the app being nearly endless as new material is added on a daily basis, it is one of the best browsing apps available.

As the iPhone is utilized as a source of entertainment beyond practical usages, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a significant amount of entertainment value. From videos to coloring and even virtual reality, the degree of entertainment which these apps can provide are unparalleled when compared to dedicated video players or gaming devices.

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