Best iOS Apps for Creating Content and Video Editing

Jun 11, 2017

As iPhones and iPads continue to become more powerful with every update and version, they have grown to encompass many tools that make it perfect for creating video content and editing while on-the-go. Given that the Apple brand is well recognized in the artistic space coupled with the fact that videos are the fastest growing segment of online media, many apps have been developed to help in creating content and video editing. From splicing different videos together to adding highly professional animations, the apps listed in this article are considered to be must-haves tools that can be found on the App Store.


Developed by Apple, iMovie is one of the most well-known video editing apps available for iOS devices. From the moment that the user opens the app, it is extremely easy to perform a number of different functions that other video editing apps simply cannot do. For example, adding voice overs, tracks, trim down clips, split clips, and rearrange different video sequences are all possible. From there, it is just a matter of getting creative and working out what the user wants to do and hitting the share button to share the video to a variety of social media sites, the Cloud, or save to the phone. Furthermore, iMovie enables for seamless transfer of the movie files between other Apple desktop products in order to make editing one video between multiple devices easier. Even for users who are new to video editing, the app provides many different templates to help create videos in a logically manner. A feature of the app that is highly desirable is the ability to mark video clips as favorites in order to revisit later as the filming aspect of video creation often requires taking multiple shots of the same scene, eliminating the need to rewatch different versions of the same scene to choose the right clip. With all of these features, iMovie is one of the highest recommended video editing software available on the App Store.

Pinnacle Studio

As one of the most advanced video editing apps that is available for iOS, Pinnacle Studio offers both a free version with basic features and a paid version for more advanced functions. Basic features such as adding voice overs, music, in and out points, trimming clips, and splitting clips are all possible and even allows the user to transfer the video to a dedicated desktop app to finish editing the project similar to that of iMovie. With an entire suite of tools that are accessible to the user, Pinnacle Studio is an app that does not resemble typical traditional video editing apps, but is more representative of powerful desktop editors that offer a large selection of functions for making the perfect content. The Pro version of Pinnacle Studio which is priced at $17.99 USD has other advanced features not found in the free version. Although expensive relative to other tools that are available, these functionalities include the ability to support different frame rates, 4K video files, export the video to other Cloud platforms, and advanced trimming for frame by frame editing.

Pinnacle Studio for iPad App Review

Our Pinnacle Studio for iPad app review gives you insight into the features, interface, and usability of this video editing app. It is available for iPad and iPhone on the iTunes App Store. This program lets you edit, trim, export, and share videos.

FiLMiC Pro

On the other side of editing videos, it is equally important to capture high quality content which is able to make the editing process much easier. While the stock camera continues to improve, it lacks in function when compared to other apps that are dedicated towards making professional videos. Upon opening FiLMiC Pro, the camera is activated with exposure and focus buttons that can be moved around the screen with the audio meter, battery status, and remaining memory capacity. This information is perfect when filming lengthy videos as cameras can be draining and the memory status is highly applicable but lacks in other camera apps. Deviating from the basic functions and indicators, FiLMiC Pro embodies other advanced features such as the audio control, rule of thirds guide for effective composition, and a stabilizer. Furthermore, the resolution of the video can be changed as well as the frame rate and audio controls for enhancing quality. With all of these tools in FiLMiC Pro, it is one of the best tools available for shooting high-quality videos that make the editing process much easier than with the stock camera.

Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker

To combine different forms of media together in an intuitive way, Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker lets its users utilize both images and videos to form a new movie. Once all of the videos and images have been selected, the app enables for selection of style in which to create the video, from “Love” to “News” and many others. This makes it perfect for those who have some idea of what they want their video to look and feel like without exact specifications as to how to make it so. Once these have been selected, the only thing that remains is to pickingthe soundtrack. Upon selecting the music to accompany the video, the app automatically determines the best sequence and animations that can be applied in order to make the video perfect. After a few minutes, Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker will automatically provide a high-quality video that is indistinguishable from a professional video editor. Although the app is restricting in the sense that users have limited ability to customize the video, it is extremely applicable to those who are new to the video editing space without the technical knowledge to create a video from scratch.

Magisto – Smart Video Editor & Maker

Magisto is the only complete video editor and marketing platform powered by A.I., making it the fastest way to create, distribute and optimize video. Generate awareness and leads, build relationships and grow sales with the Magisto video maker. No video editing skills required. Join the video revolution.

Instead of the polarizing video editors that are on the App Store such as basic ones that offer just trimming and cropping to others which completely automates the process and produce a video based on a template, the tools listed in this article are extremely powerful for giving users full control. As an alternative to desktop-based video editing, these apps can provide a tremendous amount of value for all content creation and editing needs from those who may be professionals in the space with years of experience to others who may be creating a video for the first time.

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