Best Geograpy apps on iPad

Jul 31, 2012

I am a product lead for the mobile apps which we develop keeping in mind the specific needs to the teachers, researchers, kids and travelers and out apps have helped the targeted users get more value out of this handy app.

World Atlas and Maps –HD

Possibly the 2nd most downloaded atlas on iPad, clear information, list of utilities which are unmatched and continuously updated with more and more features.


World Atlas by National Geographic

National Geographic’s award winning cartography brings it’s best maps on iPad, navigation is bit difficult but the quality of maps and the aesthetics make up for it.


Barefoot World Atlas

Possibly the best mix of education and entertainment for kids. The graphics best utilize the retina display of iPad 2 and the new iPad and the quality of content is simply amazing.


World Atlas Pro

The best World atlas in the true sense of knowledge and functionality. Possibly the only atlas to have the city level maps. To start with few popular cities have been added but there are more to follow. Not to mention the information and facts on all 50 states with detailed maps and inforgraphics


World Atlas (New) -with Factbook & Travel “for iPad”

This is the new kid on the block, yet to see how it fairs up with the updations and new features but looks promising. Though not that detailed.


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