Best Generic Trackers

Apr 25, 2011

There are a lot of apps to track specific things like money, expenses, time, body weight, calories, exercise, etc, but you need just one of these generic trackers to track all of them.

Lumen Trails GTD Organizer+

Replace Multiple Apps with Just One. Create a Daily Planner, Todo List, Time Log, Workout Tracker, Food Diary, Diet Plan, Weight Loss Journal, Calorie Counter and Expense Tracker.

I have switched to this app from Traxitall, because it has many more features like categories, multimedia notes, better charts, google docs export and even basic to-do lists / checklists.



A universal life management diary tracker to journal, track, analyze, improve & share chronic health symptoms, such as pain and sleep, my work life, food, weight, wellness & the Quantified Self.

Looks very good but I can’t install it in my iphone 3G with iOS 3.1.3.



A Goal Setting, Motivational, Habits Building, and All-in-One Daily Log / Tracking System.

I started using this app after I couldn’t install Track&Share in my device, but missed some features I found later in Daily Tracker.



This one is simple, only allows numeric tracks, but you can set goals and display charts. I haven’t tried it out.



Also very simple with just numeric tracks, but data input is very fast. It can be sync’ed with Tallyzoo free webapp which has nice graphs, export and sharing.




iTrackIt – Keep Track of Stuff


iKeep track of


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