Best Functional Fitness App (CrossFit style Workouts)

Mar 20, 2013

This is my list of the best XF apps.

Workout Hero – All-in-one WOD & Lift Log, Fitness Tracker & Paleo Diet, with Timers Pro Tabata Timer

Its the most comprehensive


TIMERS PRO – Tabata, Functional Fitness WOD, Hiit, and Interval, EMOM, Fight Gone Bad & MMA Timer

Used by in the CrossFit open (2012 and 2013)


Random WOD – Workout Randomizer, Cardio, Tabata, Olympic Lift Fitness Trainer and Food Reminder Alarms with Timers Pro

Its the best WOD randomizer and it has TIMERS PRO in it!


iWod Pro – Paleo Diet, WOD Journal, and Functional Fitness tracker App with Timers Pro

Very educational app.


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