Best Functional Fitness App (CrossFit style Workouts)

Mar 20, 2013

This is my list of the best XF apps.

Workout Hero

All-in-one WOD & Lift Log, Fitness Tracker & Paleo Diet, with Timers Pro Tabata Timer

Its the most comprehensive



Tabata, Functional Fitness WOD, Hiit, and Interval, EMOM, Fight Gone Bad & MMA Timer

Used by in the CrossFit open (2012 and 2013)


Random WOD

Workout Randomizer, Cardio, Tabata, Olympic Lift Fitness Trainer and Food Reminder Alarms with Timers Pro

Its the best WOD randomizer and it has TIMERS PRO in it!


iWod Pro

Paleo Diet, WOD Journal, and Functional Fitness tracker App with Timers Pro

Very educational app.


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