Best free iPhone games of all time

Mar 17, 2014

The iTunes App Store is filled with great titles for your iPhone that are absolutely free.

The iTunes App Store is filled with great titles for your iPhone that are absolutely free. Whether you want to play alone or against live opponents from around the world, you’ll find something to like among the best free games on this list.

Words With Friends Free

The popular word game Words With Friends Free is all about competition. Like titles such as SCRABBLE, players get tiles with letters on them, and each is worth a certain number of points. Plugging the letters onto a board strategically earns points by building new words out from old ones, and Words With Friends Free lets you compete against friends at your own pace by taking turns. It’s an easy game to learn and lets you play multiple matches at any given time.

Jetpack Joyride

Endless runner Jetpack Joyride gives players a jetpack and tasks them with grabbing coins and dodging dangers. The game is pretty simple — you stay alive as long as you can as you run forward, using the jetpack to avoid deadly obstacles — but you’ll also access other vehicles that change the way the game plays and give you a boost as you go faster and faster.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol

Set in World War I, Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol puts players in control of squadrons of fighter planes as they battle for air supremacy against German dogfighters. Players take turns moving their planes around battlefields, choosing where their planes fly and what maneuvers they perform, and what targets they attack and when. Smart strategy is key to victory, and the longer you play with your pilotes, the better and more useful they become.

Punch Quest

Much like other endless runners, Punch Quest puts players up against tons of enemies with only one weapon — the power of punching. You’ll have to tap to fire your fists into tons of enemies, and the faster you punch through bad guys, the further you can get. Pounding baddies not only propels you forward, it racks up your score, but you’ll also have to avoid taking damage from enemies in order to continue forward as long as possible.

Real Racing 3

High-quality graphics mark Electronic Arts’ Real Racing franchise, and Real Racing 3 brings players into its console-like races for free. You’ll get access to more than 70 vehicles to race across 12 different tracks, and Real Racing 3 lets players battle against the game’s AI-controlled racers, or take on other players from around the world.

Angry Birds Space Free

Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds franchise has been out and pretty much unchanged for years — until the release of Angry Birds Space, which adds all kinds of new gravity-based mechanics to the bird-flinging slingshot gameplay. With levels that take place in weightless environments and that require players to use lots of new mechanics, Angry Birds Space is a smart addition to a popular franchise.

Letterpress – Word Game

Another great turn-based word game, Letterpress is all about controlling a grid-style board filled with letters. Each player takes turns using the letters on the board to form letters, and every time you use letters, you take control of the tiles on the board or steal them from your opponent. Your goal isn’t to make the best words, but to strategically make words that help you control the board, because the players with the most controlled tiles at the end of the game wins.


Western Six-Guns lets players fight in fun duels, ride horses, collect bounties, complete missions and adventure across the Wild West. The game is made up of a huge open world with lots for players to do, and you can also engage in multiplayer deathmatch battles as well as Six-Guns huge single-player campaign.

You Don’t Know Jack

Hilarious trivia game You Don’t Know Jack challenges players to answer questions across tons of different categories. The game uses social networking to let you play against your friends from Facebook by logging their scores for each group of questions and comparing them to yours — which means you can play at your own pace and still stay competitive with your pals.

Hero Academy

Another great game for battling other players, Hero Academy is a strategy game in which you use a team of fighters to face off the teams controlled by others. There are lots of different teams to choose from, and you’ll need to use each fighter’s special abilities and characteristics to defeat opponents from Twitter and Facebook.


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