Best Fitness Apps

Feb 26, 2011

Just some of my favorite Apps to help me stay in shape

Body Fitness FREE – ULTIMATE Exercise Journal, 320+ Exercises

This App has a huge amount of exercises that work muscles I had never known how to work before


Tracker – Fitness and Nutrition Tracking

If you’re trying to stay in shape but don’t want to dish out for a personal trainer, this App is great for disposing of calories in a timely fashion


Fitness Free: 700 exercises & yoga poses

For fellow yoga enthusiasts who don’t have a clue of what poses help strengthen what, this App is great, it also has hundreds of basic exercises as well


Map My Ride – GPS Cycling and Route Tracking with Calorie Counting

This App is a helpful tool if you like to take long bike rides but aren’t sure of what streets are best to take. It will also give you a time estimation


Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

This App is incredibly helpful for anyone trying to lose some weight, you record what you ate, how much exercise you did, and you also make goals and “calorie budgets”, it’s like a personal trainer in your pocket


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