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Jul 30, 2017

The notion of fashion and style is not always easy to understand and can be highly confusing to those who are not in the industry. Nonetheless, striving to become an expert in the space is important to many as it is seen as an expression of self through clothing, even for those who are not fashion professionals. In order to keep up with the latest and continuously changing trends, this article lists the top apps designed for ensuring that users can always keep in the loop and have access to clothing at inexpensive prices.

Pureple Outfit Planner, Closet Organizer & Stylist

As one of the best closet organizers and outfit planners that are available on the App Store, Pureple Outfit Planner, Closet Organizer & Stylist is a fashion tool that gives users suggestion on the best outfit that they can wear given their current inventory of clothing. Although tracking the clothing that a user has in their closet can be initially time consuming, once the process of listing all of the items is done, it becomes significantly easier to manage as all that is required is for the user to add, delete, or edit from their current inventory. With this virtual closet, users can see how the combination of clothes looks together from their phone without ever having to try them on in order to save time on changing clothes and putting them away. One of the most differentiating aspects of the app when compared to others is that Pureple allows other users to see each other’s wardrobes and then make recommendations. With this, the app is one that makes selecting clothes to wear as well as helping others a social activity where users can help one another stay on top of fashion trends.


TiZKKA Fashion, Trends, Outfits, Lifestyle & Tips

Although fashion is regarded as a tightly closed off space which is restricted to those who are famous or have access to a significant amount of money, TiZKKA helps to democratize this notion by making the latest trends available to everyone. In order for the regular person to learn more about the fashion world, the app is able to delivery curated content that is easy to follow to help users become inspired and understand fashion. To learn, explore, and share the latest trends, the app is extremely easy to navigate even for those who are less familiar with the fashion space. Furthermore, if users come across something that they are interested in having, the app is also a marketplace where items of clothing can be directly purchased. Through this, TiZKKA Fashion encompasses the entire fashion experience from discovering, browsing, to making purchases. Given the range in functions that can be done through the app, TiZKKA Fashion is highly recommended for both experts and novices alike.

Mallzee 150+ Fashion, Clothes & Trainers Brands

In order to make the shopping experience easier, Mallzee offers millions of commonly shopped items from top trainers and fashion brands. Offering more than 150 different brands, there are items available for users of any demographic from fashion professionals to regular shoppers. Furthermore, the prices of the clothing that are listed on Mallzee are extremely competitive with comparable items that are bought at brick-and-mortar store. Although there is such a variety of goods that are curated for great fashion that is found on the app, the search and filtering functions make it simple to find exactly what the user is looking for in a matter of clicks. Bringing convenience and tailored content that helps with identifying fashion of interest as well as a place to buy the merchandise, Mallzee is one of the best apps that can be utilized to keep up with fashion news and directly make purchases for items that user’s desire.


For highly tailored style advice and fashion designs, Missguided brings inspiration from various social media, culture, and celebrity sources into a single, intuitive app. Updated on a weekly basis, Missguided keeps its users informed regularly as to never miss out on major developments regarding changes in the fashion world. Despite the name, the content that is found can be curated to both males and females in order to meet the growing demand for fashionable male products. Furthermore, Missguided integrates social features into the app to include the swiping motion of Tinder so that users can browse through clothing quickly. With this, it is more fun to navigate through the catalogue as well as buy items of interest. Even for items which the user may not be able to immediately afford, Missguided offers a function to save favourites to be purchased at a later time. Given all of these features on the app, it is one of the best ones available for keeping updated on fashion news.

Migrating from solely a website to a mobile app, boohoo gives users the ability to shop for highly fashionable articles of clothing at the most affordable prices right on the iOS device. Despite fashion being known to exclude those with limited funds or lacking celebrity status, democratizes the notion of high-status fashion to encompass even those who are not closely following the space. With hundreds of new products that are added each day such as dresses, men’s jeans, and footwear, there is a wide selection for nearly any demographic at competitive prices. Even though it can be overwhelming to keep up with the selection that is available given that so many items are listed, users are able to save the articles of clothing that they are interested in by utilizing the save option. As the app is one that is updated on a daily basis, users can get the latest fashion news and this is regarded as a powerful tool to be used to keep informed about fashion.

Given how confusing keeping up with and implementing the latest trends can be, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a great degree of value when it comes to curating content, providing fashion advice, or recommending items of clothing to wear.

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