Best Eye Candy App Icons for Visual People

Apr 23, 2010

I have noticed there are app icons that are beautifully designed for a small space. Here’s to attention to design detail from app developers, and here is a sampling of the app icons my eyes always seem to rest on, on my crowded iPhone.

Moe’s Notes

Nice trendy teal and subtly-textured, well-lit image of a sort of retro-looking Flip camera. Well, whatever it is, it’s pretty.



Foodspotting was founded by Alexa Andrzejewski, a User Experience Designer from Adaptive Path, and Ted Grubb from Get Satisfaction, so attention to user delight is not surprising. Love the tilted icon with serrated border and very clean, iconic representation of a food images (or is that a drink image? whatever, it gets the message across). The orange and dark brown in a white border look good on the iPhone’s black background.



You draw me in, you make me know I’m gonna have fun with your light blue cartoonish bottlecap on a purple background. Word.



I fulfill my craving of random thought-provoking images with your app. Your ambiguous shadowy silhouette on a white background makes we wanna see what you got for me today.



Beautiful job, AroundMe designer. Nice lighting on your red ball with concentric circles around it. Kind of cosmic feel. Gets the point across while keeping it nice-looking.


Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search

Nice pale green and red contrast. Kind of a knock off of AroundMe, but well done. Nice 3D look makes this icon stand out for search.



Like the simplicity and subtle shadowing in the talk bubble. You make me want to tap you.


Math Cards

Such a cute little chalkboard, just looks adorable on my iPhone screen. I just want to practice my math when I see you.


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