Best Education Apps: March Edition

Feb 27, 2011

Which apps fit your and your kids needs best?

ABC Music

This app helps teach young children different words in music. The great thing about this app is it provides pictures, fun letter animations to spell out the words and even videos for certain words. You can bounce around by picking one letter from the word you’re on and it takes to another word that starts with the letter you tapped. Or you can slide across entire alphabet of an enormous library of words pertaining to music. A well done app!


Max and Kate — a Ladybug’s Bookshelf Kid’s Story

This app gives two books featuring Max and Kate. The stories are short with cute slightly animated illustrations and give the kids the option to have it read to them or for them to read it themselves. I don’t know how long these short stories would hold a child’s interest, but it’s a well done app!


Seek and Find

This is a cute “where’s waldo” type of app, but instead your child can tap on the different animals and the animals react. Well done and entertaining!


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