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Feb 2, 2010

I am finding that what I find most useful in an app is something that stretches across my desktop (in this case an older Macbook Pro), a Web Browser (in this case usually Firefox, so an extension for FF is a bonus!), and an iPhone app. Where this is the case, somehow these service mashups seem to find their way to my iPhone home page more and more. Nominally best at managing a bevy of data or social networking, these app/web/computer app combos create a lot of value for me, and I would imagine for others as well. Bonus points are had for being cross-platform.


This app has so many ways to connect into it, not limited to the platforms I mentioned in my intro, that it’s by far the most far-reaching app on my iPhone. You don’t even need an iPhone to integrate this with your current cell phone, either, and a bonus is had for not hobbling the app in Canada. Simply the best and most awesome app ever IMHO.


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

This app is so versatile, has a Firefox plug-in/extension, and functions for me like Instapaper for offline reading. It’s a GTD app/website with tags and categories, whew! Just wonderful.


Pageonce Pro – Money & Bills

This app and it’s accompanying website, help to manage every sort of account, with more being added all the time. I have my Rogers, PayPal accounts, bank accounts and several email address all tracked on this site and using the accompanying app. It’s great for keeping up with bills and so on, and would be even better if I lived in the US, as most accounts are US and not Canadian.


MobileMe Gallery

I could have easily chosen the iDisk too here, but all the integrated apps from Apple that help you manage your .Mac/MobileMe account really enable a lot of functionality that you couldn’t otherwise get. Everything from Find My iPhone, this picture gallery, iDisk (a nice alternative to DropBox), web/iPhone/MacBook Pro synchronized email- what else could you want?

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Naturally. I love the integration of Facebook, Twitter and the iPhone app. It’s great to review apps while on the go or after having a great experience with one you like. The interface is simple and easy to understand, and familiar as many of the website’s features are here and look the same.



I would use Facebook as an example of how social networking can be done well across the Web/app combined space. However, the proliferation of Twitter apps also come across here, but aren’t as developed in general as Facebook’s app is. Once Twitter apps include plugins like you can use on the Twitter site, then they will become worthy of being included in this list, but until then, Facebook has ’em all beat, hands down!



It’s a great way to find reviewed places to eat, dine, take a yoga class, get your car fixed, anything. Works well on the web and equally well on the iPhone app.



I use the MindBody Online Service to run my yoga business, and I have found it to be a wonderful thing for me. I could have easily included the MindBody Online Biz app, where my employees and myself can login easily to use the features of the suite, but this app simply points you to studio owners in various modalities that use the MindBody Online Service. Great company and great app!

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Now we get to where I am looking at desktop app and iPhone app combinations. Things is one of my favorite apps on both, it synchs (as long as I am on the same WiFi network) in both directions and is the best and simplest task manager available.


1Password Pro

It’s a great integration between my desktop app and my iPhone. It’s hard enough to remember all those passwords, and security is a major concern on iPhones even more than laptops. This does both extremely well.


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