Best Christmas iPhone Apps For Kids and Parents

Dec 2, 2011

I’m a mother of two children and I like to download seasonal (and mostly free) apps for my iPhone. Most are for the kids, some are for me!

123 Sticker: Free Musical Sticker Book (Christmas Edition)

My kids love to simply “play” on the iPhone and though there are a lot of different sticker apps this one is really done well.


Santa’s Naughty or Nice Scan-O-Matic Free

Having a Naughty or Nice scanner that is NOT random is really useful for reminding my kids to behave. This also has a Christmas countdown and a “Santa’s Watching” light!


Santa’s Christmas Trivia Quiz

This free app has just the right mix of Christmas history and pop culture questions for the whole family to enjoy! More than one question has sent my husband and son off to learn more about some fascinating Christmas facts!


Video Calls with Santa

The name says it all! This is very well done with high production values.


Santa’s Fun

This free app has a little bit of everything, including the ability to email Santa (with replies), a Santa map and a Christmas list system.


Cookie Doodle

We make Christmas cookies one weekend a year. The rest of the year my kids are okay with making “virtual” cookies. Real recipes and steps seem to help my kids understand the process of baking.


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