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Oct 19, 2017

As the cameras that are found on mobile devices continue to improve in quality with every new version, many new apps have been created which take advantage of these developments. As an alternative to expensive and large dedicated cameras, these apps can be applied to many industry verticals as the cameras are only a fraction of the overall technology. For example, while the camera may capture the images, the processing occurs within the app, something that is not possible with dedicated cameras. This article explores the best apps which utilize the camera to perform their core functions to provide a tremendous amount of value.

Photomath – Camera Calculator (iOS/Android)

Given the simultaneous importance and complexity of math, several different apps revolving around teaching math have been created. However, one of the most comprehensive apps is Photmath which introduces a new realm in terms of solving math problems. All that a user needs to do is open the app and take a picture of the math problem while the app converts it into a digital version and solves it. As the app is so easy to use, millions from around the world can find it extremely helpful in helping to understand the problems. Although the camera is not commonly associated as a tool that can be used for learning in math, its integration into Photomath demonstrates the unique nature of the app. Furthermore, not only is the answer shown, but also the steps to derive the answer are also provided so that users can get the best understanding of the problem. As a camera-based app that is designed to help students better understand math problems in a unique and creative way, Photomath is an app that has applied the use of a camera in the field of education like never before.

PictureThis – Plant Identification (Android)

As so many plants exist in different forms, many people hope to identify the species and strands that they see. However, it can be extremely difficult to find the exact name and description given that many other plants have similar characteristics. For example, if a user came across a plant with yellow pedals, it would be extremely difficult to describe the plant in a search engine to identify it given the thousands of plants that exist with yellow pedals. For this reason, PictureThis is a powerful tool which leverages the camera as a way to identify plants in an easy manner. All that a user needs to do is take a picture of a plant and then the app will automatically identify what it is. Extremely intuitive to use, the app is one that is very accurate in being able to distinguish between different plants that are similar. In leveraging the camera as the main identifier, PictureThis is extremely unique in its offering although other similar apps are starting to emerge in the plant identification space. Beyond just being able to identifying the plant, other information is also presented to include the genus, type, family and description so that users get a comprehensive overview of the overall plant. Given that so much information can be derived from just a picture, PictureThis is one of the best apps that leverage the device’s camera.

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PictureThis is a photo sharing and visual recognition platform that accurately identifies thousands of plant species in seconds – and growing!

Google Translate (iOS/Android)

Although this is a feature that not many people are familiar with, Google Translate lets users translate text from simply taking a picture of it. Using the camera as a method of input as opposed to having to enter text manually, this feature can prove to be extremely helpful, especially for those who are travelling and need to understand what a menu or sign says. As one of the best apps for translating text, it not only lets user input languages by picture, but also by text, handwriting, and even speaking, making it a highly comprehensive tool for translating various forms of communication. Although the camera translation only works for 37 languages, other forms of translating works with over 100 such as text input. Furthermore, one of the best features of the app is that the languages can be downloaded so that translations can be done even when there is no internet connection. As a unique and simple way to translate text, Google Translate is a great tool that utilizes the camera as a method of translating.

Morpholio Trace – Sketch CAD (iOS)

As a tool that is designed to make the designing and sketching part easier for architects and creative, Morpholio Trace allows its users to draw over pictures as a way to play with potential designs. By integrating the camera as a core function of the app, it is able to help users get a template for their drawings in an easy way. For example, if a redesign of a room needs to be completed, all a user has to do is open the camera app on the Morpholio Trace app and then capture an image of the space. From there, they have the ability to sketch various designs right onto the photo instead of having to print out sophisticated blueprints or templates. Furthermore, the designs can be done right on the device instead of requiring additional software on a desktop computer. With such a high degree of interaction between virtual designs and reality through the use of photos, Morpholio Trace is app that has successfully integrated the use of cameras to make the design and sketching process easier.

As cameras continue to improve in performance and speed on mobile devices, many functions are now made possible in a way that was not feasible in the past. With this, many apps have integrated its use to increase efficiency and convenience. From those that are designed to help users identify plants to others that help in better understanding math problems, these apps have integrated the camera not in a superficial manner, but in a way that is able to provide a tremendous amount of value to its users, making them highly recommended.

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