Best Back to School Apps for iPad

Aug 19, 2011

I know there was no such thing as an iPad a few years ago, but if *only* there was. Students today have no idea how lucky they are with all the incredible high-tech tools to make learning easier.


The iPad doesn’t come with a calculator. Why? Only Steve Jobs can tell you. But even if it did, you’d want to delete it and replace it with this drop-dead gorgeous calculator app. RetroCalc is the best looking calculator app on the App Store, and you can choose between calculators and backgrounds. RetroCalc is a must have iPad app.


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

This is the grand-daddy of note-taking apps. The interface is very minimal, but the ability to save your notes to the cloud and retrieve them on a PC makes Evernote an awesome addition to every student’s arsenal.


Mental Case

Nobody likes memorizing. Its a chore. But mental case does a great job of automating the memorization process. Get the desktop app too, and you’ll be able to share flashcards between your desktop/notebook and your iPad. You can also include images and audio on your flashcards. Very nice.


Wiki Offline — A Wikipedia Experience

How would you like to take all of Wikipedia and automagically compress it so it fits on your iPad? Wiki Offline lets you take Wikipedia with you wherever you go. You’ll never be far from one of the best reference sources there is, even if you have no web access. Yes it takes up a whole 6 gigabytes of your precious iPad memory — but carrying all of human knowledge in your bag is pretty cool.

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Audiotorium Class & Meeting Notes

If you’re at risk for falling asleep in class, this app is a lifesaver. With the ability to record audio lectures while you’re actually taking notes at the same time — you’ll never miss a sentence. You can replay any lecture at a later time, and even backup your lectures to DropBox. If only I’d had this app a couple years ago!


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