Best Apps to Stream Music from PC to iPhone

Apr 13, 2011

If your music library has gotten too big for its britches and no longer fits on your PC, it’s time to explore options beyond simply syncing your media to your device’s hard drive. You’ve got loads of ways to remotely stream your music to your iOS device, wherever you are.


WiFi2HiFi changes your iPhone into a wireless audio receiver for your stereo system or sound-dock.
Forget long stumbling prone audio cables connected to your computer and your stereo system. Use your laptop as it is supposed to be used – without any wire! You can comfortably sit wherever you want and have all of your favorite music at your fingertips.



Simplify takes a little time to get started, but once it’s up, it fast. And you even get an added artist’s biography and lyrics.



Signal turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or Pocket PC into an advanced wireless remote control for iTunes on your Mac or iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player on your PC. Control playback, browse or search your media library, and edit playlists from anywhere in the house – all from the palm of your hand.


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