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May 22, 2011

we have practical lists grouped by similar interests, apps for business, fun, photos and more. A few weeks ago I felt like a list of randomness was in order… so I created a list of apps that being with A. This is my continuation of fun discovery. perhaps you should pick a random letter and share those apps with us. With so many apps out there, sometimes it’s fun to find the random one you might have overlooked.


personalization is one of the appeals of owning an iDevice. This was one of my first apps and I still love it. With so many background choices, grouped by category, most popular or recent you could change your home and lock screen every day if you wanted!


Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

I don’t think I care to admit how much I heart Bejeweled. What is it about those color matchy spinny games that are so addicting?


Bizarre Holiday Calendar – Celebrate when every day is a holiday

For some reason I have a fascination with random holidays. Did you know 5/25 is Tap Dance day? How about that June 2 is Rocky Road day? Impress your friends (or the people of the internet) with your random knowledge


Bizzy for iPhone

With so many check-in apps available, Bizzy provides a new perspective on Location. When you getting ready to leave a restaurant, or shop – choose one of 3 faces to express your sentiment about the place – Loved it, Meh, Didn’t Like. You can share these to Facebook & Twitter with photos and tips for these locations.


Bluefire Reader

Bluefire is a unique ereader app for both iPad and iPhone. You can add your own PDFs to read on your device and open Adobe eBook DRM that are locked or password protected. I get review copies of books from and read them using BlueFire Reader



A great push notification app for social networking junkies, you can add your Facebook, multiple twitter accounts and all sorts of other notifications so you’ll be in the know while you are away from your computer. I have mine set to notify me when someone mentions me on Twitter or favorites one of my tweets on 3 different twitter accounts. I also love the Quiet Time option on the app.

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BuzzFeed advertises itself by saying “We feature the kind of things you’d want to pass along to your friends”. With the free app you can quickly browse the latest viral content – videos, photos, and blog posts of the most random and popular internet posts. From the app you can share to Facebook, Twitter, & email.


NOOK from Barnes & Noble – Read 2 Million Books, Free Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

and although I do not personally use this app (I own a Kindle so therefor us the Kiinde app to access my books) this is a great Free app for reading ebooks. If you have a NOOK or if you only want to use your iDevice for book reading, the selection of free and paid books on B&N is quite broad.


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